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Lynn Shepherd

James Bond vs. Jason Bourne: Peter Pan vs Grown-up?

Let me run this idea past you. I’m going to start a movie franchise based on a spy hero played by a man in his early thirties. I’m then going to produce a few more films based on the same character over the next six or seven years, then change the central actor and do a few more. By the time we get to 22 films it will be 46 years from now and the original actor will be in his 80s. Our hero, by contrast, will still be out there all guns blazing, and still – miraculously – no more than 45.

Unrealistic? Unbelievable? Absolutely. But that’s exactly what’s happened with James Bond in the five decades since Sean Connery first said those three magic words in Dr No. The question is, why do we all go along with it? Quantum of Solace grossed over $500m at the box office across the world, and the concept doesn’t show any signs of dying another day yet awhile.

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